Live Streaming Tickets

Live stream our show right to your device!


   Yes, you can buy a ticket to a live streamed show of your choice! Same cost as a regular ticket, $12 per device, and watch from the comfort of your home. We will be using BoxCast, a high-bandwidth streaming service to deliver a High Definition feed to your device - phone, tablet of computer. It’s the same service St Catherine’s has been using to live stream it’s Sunday services. 

   Can I watch the show on my TV?

   No - and yes. While you can’t directly watch the show on your TV, it is possible to stream the show  to your phone, and then from your phone to your smart TV. For iPhone and Apple TV users, you can find instructions on how to do that here. Android users, your instructions are here.

   Buying a ticket for the streaming show is simple!

   Just click on the day you would like to view below, and you’ll be taken to BoxCast’s website to make the purchase. They will deliver a “ticket” to your email….then and time to start popping the popcorn! NOTE: the ticket will indicate the email is from “Beckett Audio”, who is engineering the live stream.

Friday, Feb 4th

Saturday, Feb 5th

Friday, Feb 11th

Saturday, Feb 12th

Friday, Feb 18th

Saturday Feb 19th