Unfortunately, we cannot do a live show this year...you know why. 

   But we're not letting that stop us! This year we are doing a live show - online. That is, we will have hosts previewing new - and previous - material for a different kind of experience this year. You can watch it on Facebook Live, Zoom or YouTube live! Miss a show? No matter, we'll have it saved on our YouTube channel! If you'd like a "TV guide" type sheet to all the shows, get that by clicking here.

   When: The live shows will begin every night at 8pm. The dates are February 4,5,6 11,12,13 and 18,19. On the 20th, we will be having an award show - something like the Academy Awards, and you're more than welcome to join us for that!

   So set your alarms to join us this year on whatever venue you are comfortable with!

   Here are the links to our shows: