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    In 1981, new parishioners Kathy and Travis Piper invited Monsignor Schnacky to dinner. The Pipers had met through 

Community Theater. During the evening, it was mentioned that perhaps, someday, it might be fun to put on a play at 

St. Catherine's. 


   The next weekend, a brief item appeared in the bulletin: "Travis and Kathy Piper have volunteered to put on a play here 

at St. Catherine's."  When asked about the write-up, Monsignor smiled and said "Save me a small part..." ... 

   Since then, hundreds of people have performed on stage, been part of the crew, helped out bartending, with makeup, props, advertising, and so many other efforts that go into putting on this show every winter.


   Yes, there have been thousands of hours of hard work, hand-wringing and worry, but more importantly, many more hours of fun, camaraderie, and using our talents to bring people together for a night of fun, to forget about their problems for a while.


   I think that’s what Monsignor had in mind.

Monsignor Albert Schnacky
and his dog, Heidi.
Founders Kathy & Travis Piper
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